"Believe in the impossible, then work, then try, then do.
For only those who dare to dream can make a dream come true"



IT*Aenphasy Dark Secret , 6 1/2 month old on photo.


Hello to you,  and a warm welcome to me and my cats here at Du Monet Persians on the web.

sincerly yours

Jannikke Madsen OrÝ

E-Mail : jannikke.oro@icloud.com



 Jannikke Madsen OrÝ | Opprett ditt eget merke


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Best Breeder Categori 1 - 2018 - (N)Du Monet Persian


A PKD DNA testing Cattery  - only using negative cats in our breeding


I reg my cats in (NRR/ FIFe ) :


and up on request I can in additional registrate the cat/kitten in CFA :



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