Here is all of our beloved neuters


Diamond 7-8 years old.


Diamond 6 years old


Diamond 6 months old

(N) Du Monet Diamond Are Forever, PER w 62



World Winner 2019 in Freiburg !


Lipstick 2014

Lipstick around 3 months.

WW'19 SW 17 SP/IC.(N)Du Monet Royal Lipstick NFS, PER f

BOB winner and MULTI BIS WINNER & WORLD  WINNER 2019 in Freiburg !

Dad is (N)Du Monet Christian Lacroix, red and mom is CH. (N)Du Monet Love Attack NFS, black



IN MEMORIE Of some of our beloved cats


SP (N) Du Monet Varg Veum, DSM, red neuter male - 12 years old

Multi BIS and BOB winner !

Dad is SC (N)Du Monet Ghost Story, black and mom is IC (N)Du Monet Shopping On 5th Avenue !

28.06.2009 - 24.04.2020


(N) Du Monet Gina Lollobrigitta, PER w 62


10.06.2013 - 08.05.2020





CH.(N) Du Monet Love Attack NFS . black


Dad is IC (N)Du Monet Playboy, coppereyed white and mom is (N)Du Monet Kiss'n In The Moonlight, black

23.12.2007 - 12.02.2011