"Believe in the impossible, then work, then try, then do.
For only those who dare to dream can make a dream come true"


IT*Aenphasy Dark Secret, black persian - just over 5 months on this photo .

A huge thank you to my dear friends Rita and Rocco for entrusting me with this beautiful black teddybear!

Sire: De Lindar's Samuel L Jackson, black   x  Dam IT*Aenphasy Bahama Beach, black

Pedigree   Photos


CAT of THE YEAR # 1 - 2018 and Multi BIS winner !

GIC.Heaven Sent Attitude of Du Monet , black persian

A huge thank you to my dear friend Ronald BŁttner for entrusting me with the last

boy out of EC Lucas of Kenfthis JW and one of his World Winners as mom !

This is a dream come true for me !!

Sire: EC Lucas of Kenfthis JW x Dam: GIC WW'11 A Heaven Sent Queen of Catwalk, JW




Owner to Balder below is Norma Gjerde were he lives a super spoiled life with his mom and dad.

But I am glad to have the oppertunity to use him in my breeding program.

CH (N) Du Monet I'm So Exited !


Multi BIS winner !





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